Greensand Ridge Cheese Company

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Coggepole - a handmade soft cheese
We are located on the edge of the Greensand Ridge in Cople, just outside of Bedford.

Our first cheese, Coggepole, is a soft, creamy cheese, similar to Camembert. It is made entirely by hand from pasteurised milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

Coggepole is now available in very limited quantities from Parkside Farm Shop, in Broom near Biggleswade, and from Artisan Cheese, who has stalls at Wimpole Hall and Impington and Great Shelford farmers markets. 

We've won a prize!

Delighted  to have been awarded a prize in the cheese category of the Small Food Awards, a competition jointly run by Jane Mason from Virtuous Bread, and the School of Artisan Food.

We believe in sourcing and eating local produce, so we thought we would name our first cheese after the village in which it is produced.  Quite simply, Coggepole is one of the ancient names (13th century) for Cople.
What is the Greensand Ridge?

Not to be confused with the Greensand Ridge in Surrey, Kent and Sussex, the Bedfordshire Greensand Ridge is an escarpment that runs through Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  A 40 mile long footpath runs along the ridge, with views reaching as far as you can see.